Solarys Mercenaries

Another Month Long Game Jam, with Xrae and others. This was our messiest project, but It has one of the best game system I developed yet.


Another 1st place in a long month Jam. Made by me, Jeis and xRae. We were given a code base, and told to do what we want with it. We recreated it, and expanded it.

Sands Of Power

Sands of Power is a testament to my skill. I built it from the ground up in a month. Every component (code based) in that game is built entirely by me.

Blitzball League

Blitzball league was my introduction to Core, and the first game I’ve made. I spent exactly 1 month building it. That’s the length of that game jam.


A personal project, I spent about 2 weeks on it to experiment building an entire game in the client. I would describe it as a Vampire Survivor Bullet Hell.

Krafty Karts

Won the Core Game Jam Invitational. Me and XRae, Where the Project Leads. He handled most of the vehicle Code, and I handled every thing else.

Xmas Spirit Tycoon

A collaboration with an Artist named Tezuki. She had a vision for a tycoon game, and I decided to bring it to life. Help Santa Claus save the Spirit of Xmas.

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